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At Cyclone Soccer Hollywood we like to have coaches that are experienced either with the sport or other physical aspects of the human body. We focus in physically preparing our children for the intensity of a soccer game by working their coordination, strength, power, acceleration, deceleration, and endurance in every session of practice we have. Soccer is not only a physical sport but a mental sport as well, the human mind is working at speeds of a tenth of a second and as skilled trainers, our coaches are prepared to have our children learn to use their mind to choose the best decision within the game. The coaches are all experienced and are willing to work with any child to improve the technical aspect of their game: passing, receiving, shooting, headers, and dribbling. At our club we have two motives, the first, teaching the kids the basics of the game, and second, winning while having fun. Our coaches will try to achieve both, but if winning is not possible, they are willing to work up towards that accomplishment. Teaching comes first, winning comes second.


The management team at Cyclone Soccer Hollywood is always willing to work with our parents in order to have a happy family setting. We enjoy making our parents a part of our club, whether it's choosing tournaments for teams to participate in or helping us bring water to the children. Our management team is responsible for all of the paperwork done at the club and will soon be updating the page with registration forms and medical releases alike. If any coaches encounter inconveniences with a parent throughout the year, the management team will be responsible for contacting them and bringing the situation to a clear understanding. If our parents happen to encounter any inconveniences with the coaches or other parents involved in our club, you should contact the management team, they will also be responsible for handling that situation. Our goal is to give the parents a family experience while they enjoy their children's happiness. 


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